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All massages begin with a foot cleansing ceremony in which warm, aromatic cloths are used to wash away all life’s stresses + allow your journey of ultimate relaxation to begin.


 60min    $90.          90min  $130.          120min $160.
A combination of long, sweeping, rhythmic + Relaxation techniques along with warm cloth compresses that will melt your mind + muscles.

Deep Tissue
Skillful and intuitively applied firm, nurturing touch which will allow release of chronic patterns of tension in muscles, tendons + fascia to restore your body’s optimum alignment and suppleness. This massage is for those who like their massage applied with greater pressure. This treatment gets deep into the second muscle layer to address existing tension.

A unique essence is created just for you. Then the essential oils of flowers + herbs are applied to the body, inducing relaxation,increasing energy, reducing the effects of stress + restoring lost balance to mind, body + soul.            
Athens Infusion
Nourish ligaments + joints; soothe muscle strains + bruises with enzymes, homeopathic + herbal combination infused with warm cloth compresses to penetrate deep into areas of need. A massage designed for the physically active, this pre- or post activity therapy combines range of motion and stretching. A focus on specific muscles, joint aches and pains occurs in this massage that increase oxygenation to muscles tissue while promoting recovery and prevention of injuries.
Sacred Stone
Native American healing ritual that can induce a near trance- like state. This massage deeply penetrates heat into every muscle fiber by means of smooth, warm basalt stones that have been bathed in waters anointed with exotic blends of essential oil. This deep penetrating ritual is combined with traditional massage movements and techniques. The stones are then placed on the Chakras (energy points) of your body and you hold them in your palms during the massage to ensure your complete devotion to and respect for relaxation.
75min  $125           $20 Upgrade (Add to any treatment)

Motherhood (Prenatal)
A passage of the highest regard that will be honored plus nurtured both pre and post birth. A sacred gift of life must be enjoyed – allow this massage to alleviate the discomfort of an ever changing vessel. This massage uses soft tissue technique and is focused on alleviating leg; hip and lower back pressure due to ever changing body adjustments of pregnancy. It reduces fatigue and swelling by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The finest oils and lightest of essences are used in respect of this sensitive time in a woman’s life  (Not recommended in the first trimester)
75min  $100.                 Package of 3  $275.            Package of 6 $540.


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