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Tricia Boor, Massage Therapist and Master Esthetician  
Tricia Boor brings to you over 15 years of her experience as Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Spa owner and developer of Metamorphosis ~ The World Fusion Spa and offers yet another business that prides itself on a soulful sense of integrity. At the close of her previous business in late 2008,  Tricia decided to move forward by delving into her many passions of product development, aromatherapy, skincare and facilitated these things through education which awarded her with a Masters Esthetician License.  MEbyDesign Studio is an extension of her original vision but, the difference is Tricia has taken the business back to its roots. Simplifying and extracting the essence of what she loves to do and is gifted at. Let her use the knowledge, creativity and skill in the art of massage, holistic healing, skin care, aromatherapy, waxing and even product development that she possesses to  carefully analyze and determine which course in treatment or service is necessary for your specific needs. She looks forward to the opportunity of assisting you in your total health and well being.
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